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November 2014
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Tag: Skagit River

City Light upgrades dams’ communication systems

City Light has just improved its communications system with its dams and generation facilities on the Skagit and Cedar rivers, to make them more reliable and flexible. [More]

Seattle City Light Protects Salmon Habitat

City Light acquired two properties on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers for fish habitat preservation. [More]

City Light Manages Skagit Flows to Protect 300,000 Salmon Eggs

Many Chinook salmon eggs laid in the Skagit River system last fall faced grim prospects for survival amid challenging water conditions. But a coordinated effort by Seattle City Light working with state and federal resource agencies and tribes along with an exceptionally wet March and April gave more than 300,000 of them the chance to grow up. [More]

City Light Awarded Grant to Acquire Key Fish Habitat in Skagit River Watershed

Seattle City Light was awarded a $982,999 grant from the Washington Salmon Recovery Board to acquire 113 acres of high quality habitat for Chinook salmon, steelhead and bull trout in the Skagit River system. [More]

Carefully Orchestrated Water Dance Allows for Fresh Coat of Paint on Gorge Dam Gates

Fish biologists, power marketers and hydro operators at the Skagit performed a carefully orchestrated dance between July 15 and 17 to prepare the Gorge Dam spill gates for an inspection, seal rehabilitation, and a new coat of paint. [More]

Skagit Steelhead Coming Back in Record Numbers

Natural Resources and Environmental Planning field surveys carried out this spring showed that steelhead redd (or nest) counts in the 27 miles of river below City Light’s hydroelectric project are 20 percent higher than any other year since 1997. [More]

Seattle City Light Acquires 32.5 Acres of Salmon Habitat

Seattle City Light completed the final purchase of three properties totaling 32.5 acres of land to protect key spawning areas for Chinook salmon in the Skagit River. [More]

Volunteers Pitch In to Clean Up the Skagit River

[caption id="attachment_3699" align="alignleft" width="300"] Sixty City Light employees with friends and family removed more than a half ton of trash from the Skagit River on Aug. 25.[/caption] Volunteers scan the shoreline for debris.  About 60 Seattle City Light employees and their families and friends, including several Boy Scouts, floated down the Skagit[More]

Ecology Honors City Light’s Skagit Wastewater Treatment Plants for Outstanding Performance

The Washington State Department of Ecology awarded Seattle City Light two outstanding performance awards for the utility’s wastewater treatment plants at the Skagit Hydroelectric Project. [More]

Cameras Give City Light Close Look at Skagit Wildlife

Technology is providing Seattle City Light a better understanding of the wildlife that lives on some of the utility’s property in the Skagit River watershed. [More]