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Light Reading: Nov./Dec. 2019

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It’s hard to believe that the winter season is almost here! While cold temperatures can affect your electricity bill, we have a few tips to keep you and your family warm while conserving energy.

Change Your Ceiling Fan’s Blade Rotation 

Setting your fan blades clockwise redistributes the rising warm air throughout the room.

Heat Your Rooms with the Sun 

Keep your south-facing curtains open and allow sunlight to heat your home naturally. Don’t forget to close them at night!

Bundle Up! 

Dressing warmer when the days get colder is less expensive and more efficient than turning up your thermostat.

Consider Using a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you control and monitor your heating usage as the temperature outside begins to drop.

For more tips to keep toasty this winter, visit

Rate Changes 

Effective Nov. 1, 2019, Seattle City Light customers will see a rate decrease of approximately 0.5% on average. This change is the cumulative effect of an average 1.9% passthrough credit and a 1.5% increase to the Rate Stabilization Account (RSA) surcharge. To learn more about these changes, visit:

Are you ready for winter storm season?  

Check out these top tips from our City of Seattle partners:

From the Seattle Department of Transportation: Now’s the time to make sure you have everything you’ll need in a snowstorm. Don’t forget a snow shovel, because it’s your legal responsibility to clear the sidewalks in front of your building so everyone can get around safely.

From Seattle Public Utilities: Rake your leaves to keep your local storm drains free of clogs and help prevent flooding in your neighborhood.

For more tips on being storm-ready, go to

City Light Completes Streetlight Infrastructure Improvements in Montlake

Seattle City Light continues to improve customer safety by converting streetlights in our service area from high-pressure sodium lights to energy-efficient light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. The new LED lights support visibility and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

This past fall contracted crews completed a six-month project to replace an aging streetlight system in the Shelby-Hamlin/Montlake area. Crews replaced the streetlight fixtures, poles and underground infrastructure with updated equipment, based on community input. The new system will provide improved, reliable lighting for the neighborhood. Learn more about this project at

Rebate Changes 

Since 2007, Seattle City Light has worked with local retailers to help City Light customers select energy-efficient products from the sales floor by providing appliance rebates and instant discounts on lighting and showerhead products. While we will be phasing out our laundry rebates, showerheads and efficient lighting programs between December 31, 2019, and January 13, 2020, stay tuned for new program offerings in 2020! To learn more, visit

City Light has offered these rebates since 2007, and with your participation and local retailers support, we have made an impact:

62,000 rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified appliances redeemed

15 million instant discounts on energy-efficient light bulbs

44,000 instant discounts on showerheads

Annual energy savings of 270 million kilowatt-hours, equivalent to the power used by 31,500 homes each year

“Winter storms sometimes lead to downed power lines. If you see a power line on the ground, always assume it is electrified. Stay at least 20 feet away and call 911.”

Seattle City Light crews are in these neighborhoods, working to provide reliable service:

  • Arroyo/South Arbor Heights: installing underground conduits, vaults and streetlights to replace aging infrastructure;
  • Beacon Hill: replacing aging utility poles, overhead wires and equipment to help upgrade the existing electrical system;
  • Downtown Seattle: converting historic globe streetlights to LEDs;
  • Pioneer Square/SODO: increasing electrical reliability by installing underground conduits;
  • South Lake Union: installing an underground electrical vault near Fairview Avenue North and Republican Street.

This is a partial list. For details go to to access our map and learn about individual projects.

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