Seattle City (spot)Light: Gina Baxter

Gina Baxter is a Senior Analyst in City Light’s Financial Planning Unit. She’s lived in the greater Seattle area her entire life, and currently resides in Gig Harbor with her husband.

Gina had 13 years of experience in the utility industry prior to joining City Light, and she always wanted to work for a public utility. In February 2019, she made that happen when she joined the City Light team. Since then, she has been working on the utility’s financial forecast, conducting financial analyses to support strategic planning, capital financing, utility fees, and electric rates.

In this week’s Seattle City (spot)Light, Gina talks about her hobbies, why she was attracted to City Light and her team.

City Light’s Gina Baxter with her husband and dog.

“My favorite activity is attending a variety of concerts. My first few jobs, prior to starting my career, were working at local recording and post-production studios in the Seattle area. I still have a strong interest in the music industry and supporting artists at all levels. My other interests vary significantly, but also include listening to podcasts, reading, creating terrariums, volunteering, and walking our dog around the neighborhood.”

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked with utilities in specialized areas of work and studies, but I’ve always had a desire to work at a public utility where there is a connection to the local community and a mission to serve the public. I became interested in becoming a part of the team at City Light due to it being an organization that values environmental stewardship, innovation, diversity/equity, and excellence.”

“There are a lot of talented individuals at City Light that go above and beyond, work collaboratively with others, and are continuously striving for excellence. City Light offers great work-life balance and opportunities for growth. I couldn’t have found a better team!”