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Electrical Reliability Upgrades Planned in South Lake Union

Seattle City Light crews plan to increase the electrical reliability of the South Lake Union neighborhood by installing an underground electrical vault near the intersection of Republican Street and Fairview Avenue North. This new infrastructure will provide the additional capacity needed for electrical lines coming from the Denny Substation.

Civil Improvements Scheduled on 1st Avenue South

Starting this May, Seattle City Light crews will complete the final trench work on 1st Avenue South, between South Royal Brougham Way and Railroad Way South. Civil construction crews will be installing a new electrical duct bank, which will upgrade aging electrical infrastructure in the SODO and Pioneer Square areas.

City Light Completes Electrical Reliability Upgrades in Blue Ridge

In late 2018, Seattle City Light completed an electrical reliability project in Seattle’s Blue Ridge and North Beach neighborhoods. The work was part of a larger effort to replace an aging electrical system that was installed in the early 1970s.

Arroyo/South Arbor Heights Conduit Installation Project Begins This May

Starting in May 2018, Seattle City Light will be working in the Arroyo/South Arbor Heights area to install new electrical conduits, vaults and streetlights. This work is needed to replace aging underground, direct buried cables in the neighborhood.

6th & Cherry Duct Bank Project Begins in September

In early September 2016, Seattle City Light plans to install a new conduit (duct bank) between the existing electrical vaults on 6th Avenue and Cherry Street. Crews plan to excavate on the west side of 6th Avenue into the south side of Cherry Street. The new duct bank will be installed and the street restored. This project will allow us to provide new electrical connections in the area.