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Failure to Block Backup Circuit Breakers During Testing Responsible for May 25 Downtown Power Outage

The May 25 power outage that affected a portion of the underground network in Downtown Seattle was caused by the failure to block backup circuit breakers during testing of newly installed equipment, Seattle City Light announced today.

Downtown Seattle Power Outage Cause Is Still Under Investigation

Seattle City Light is continuing to investigate the cause of the power outage that impacted a large part of Downtown Seattle customers on Wednesday, May 25. Overall, 12,000 meters went out from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the day of the outage. The outage occurred at the Massachusetts Substation and… [ Keep reading ]

City Light Installing New Duct Banks Downtown on Columbia Street at 4th & 5th Avenues

Starting Wednesday, September 12, Seattle City Light will begin installation of two new conduits, or duct banks, in the downtown Seattle area across Columbia Street at 4th and 5th Avenues.

Electrical Upgrade: First Avenue Between Columbia and Cherry Streets

Seattle City Light will be by replacing electrical ducts and cable between Columbia and Cherry streets along First Avenue downtown.

Streetlight Inspections Update Jan. 7

Seattle City Light has completed inspections of its streetlights from downtown to the southern end of its service territory. Crews continue to work North of Denny Way.

Streetlight Inspection Update Jan. 5

Seattle City Light identified nine streetlights that were giving off voltage in the utility’s latest round of streetlight safety testing. No one was injured by any of the streetlights. In each case, City Light crews immediately cut power and started repairs.

Seattle City Light Makes Progress on Streetlights

In the month since Mayor Greg Nickels accelerated funding for streetlight replacement and repair, Seattle City Light has replaced 3,000 lights as part of its continuing relamping program and completed relamping work in Belltown. “City Light recognizes the importance of good street lighting for our residents, local businesses and neighborhoods,”… [ Keep reading ]