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Seattle City Light Completes Construction on 13th Avenue South

Seattle City Light crews have completed the final stages of construction on 13th Avenue South. Crews replaced aging electrical infrastructure and upgraded an existing electrical system that will reduce unplanned power outages and increase electrical reliability for the surrounding area.

City Light Relocates Transmission Towers Along Boulder River

In December 2015, an emergency bank protection project at Boulder River, just east of Oso, Washington, revealed a need to relocate two of Seattle City Light’s lattice transmission towers. Natural river channel migration to the west caused erosion that threatened the structural stability of the towers. Several staff members at City… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle substation upgrades make West Coast grid more reliable

Seattle City Light is installing a new, 480,000 pound transformer as part of upgrades at the East Pine Substation that are designed to make the facility stronger during an earthquake and more reliable as it helps to transmit power from Canada to the West Coast of the United States.