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City Light Continues Arterial LED Streetlight Installations

Seattle City Light is continuing to improve customer safety, reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources by converting street lights on arterial roadways from high-pressure sodium lights to energy-efficient LEDs. The new LED lights will make arterial streets safer by increasing visibility at night.

Edward Smalley Named Manager for Seattle City Light Conservation Resources Division

Seattle City Light recently announced the selection of Edward Smalley as manager of the customer-facing teams for its Conservation Resources Division. In his new role, Smalley will manage the strategic and collaborative direction of the Energy Advisor group, the Residential Conservation Implementation team and the Lighting Design Lab.

Seattle City Light LED Streetlight Conversions Ahead of Schedule

Seattle City Light has completed installation of LED streetlights in the residential areas planned for 2012 and will get a head start on its 2013 work.

Seattle City Light Continues to Make Progres on LED Streetlight Installations

Seattle City Light and its contractor, Potelco, have completed about two-thirds of the LED streetlight conversions planned for 2012.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Supports Use of LED Streetlights

On Saturday, the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted Mayor Mike McGinn’s resolution endorsing the nationwide use of LED streetlights at the group’s annual meeting in Orlando.

Seattle LED Streetlight Test Highlighted in New Video

In March, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and Seattle City Light conducted a study to demonstrate the effectiveness of solid-state lighting (SSL) using LEDs.

City Light, NEEA Test Visibility Improvements for Drivers Under LED Streetlights

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and the City of Seattle are taking a look at the future of solid-state street lighting in the Pacific Northwest during a three-night streetlight test in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood that continues through March 8.

LED Streetlights Installed for Belltown, Coming for Central District

Seattle City Light crews have installed LED streetlights in Belltown and the Central District to test their use on arterial streets.

Belltown, Central District LED Streetlight Work Starts

Seattle City Light crews have started installing LED streetlights in Belltown and the Central District as a pilot project to test the energy-efficient lighting for use on arterial streets.

Seattle City Light Begins LED Streetlight Rollout

Seattle City Light celebrated the launch of its LED streetlight project today with the first installations in Ballard. During the next five years, the utility will install 40,000.