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Y2K 20 Years Later: An oral history of the final moments of the 20th century at Seattle City Light

It’s hard to believe that this time 20 years ago, the world was preparing for the new millennium. From the infamous “Y2K Bug” to stocking up on canned goods, the months leading up to Y2K was a time of bracing for the unknown. For Seattle City Light, preparing for Y2K… [ Keep reading ]

Let it Snow: How City Light Snowpack Study Guides its Hydroelectric Production

The expansive Cascade Range serves as a backdrop throughout the Western U.S. With its iconic peaks piercing the sky; it’s no wonder that travelers from across the world visit the range each year. But the Cascade Range, specifically the North Cascades and the Canadian Cascades, is also vital to the… [ Keep reading ]

Innovative Pilot Project Seeks to Grow a Forest More Resilient to Climate Change

An innovative pilot project will replant portions of logged land now owned by Seattle City Light to grow a new forest that could be more resilient to climate change. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and its partners – City Light, Seattle Public Utilities and the Northwest Natural Resource Group —… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Lee Simpkins

Lee Simpkins recently celebrated 36 years with Seattle City Light. He currently serves as the director of field operations, a position he’s held the past two years. “I oversee the day-to-day activity of the utility’s distribution and transmission operations,” Lee explained. “This includes overhead and underground crews; civil construction; streetlighting;… [ Keep reading ]

10 Ways to Prepare for This Week’s Stormy Conditions

What will you do if the power goes out? Take action now by creating a storm plan for you, your family and your property.

Green Up Supports Renewable Energy with $1,000,000 in Grants

In 2017 and 2018, Seattle City Light’s Green Up program will provide $1,000,000 in grants to support renewable energy projects and education programs at schools, public institutions and nonprofit organizations.

A Day in the Life of a Lineworker

Recognized as one of the most dangerous professions in the United States, lineworkers are known for their strong physical endurance, mental toughness and undeniable spirit of camaraderie. Every day, more than 117,000 of these skilled professionals help deliver electrical power from generating stations into homes, businesses and other facilities. Being… [ Keep reading ]

Technology Needed to Support a Greener, Smarter Grid

Seattle City Light Information Technology Director Dirk Mahling was interviewed by CIO Talk Radio regarding the future of energy services as utilities try to incorporate more sources of renewable energy into the existing distribution grid and how technology can help.

Customers Rate City Light Among Best Values in U.S.

Customers consider Seattle City Light one of the best values among U.S. utilities, according to a recent survey of residential electricity customers by E Source and The Nielsen Co.

DOE selects NW and Seattle City Light for Smart Grid demo

DOE selects NW and Seattle City Light for $178M smart grid demonstration. The Pacific Northwest Grid Demonstration Project includes City Light, University of Washington and McKinstry Energy Services among others.