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Energy Efficiency as a Service

Request for Projects

City Light is inviting interested building owners and developers to submit project proposals for the Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaS) pilot program. All projects that meet the program’s eligibility requirements will be accepted until 15 projects are enrolled in the program. EEaS currently has one building under contract and 5 accepted applications. To learn more about the program, please review the program documentation below.

EEaS Pilot Program At-A-Glance:

  • Implement energy efficiency upgrades or construct a new efficient building per EEaS program requirements.
  • City Light customer is billed for electricity delivered plus the electricity savings (what the building would have used had no improvement occurred). Electricity savings are noted on the bill as a service fee, based on the electricity rates of the building. The customer pays for electricity costs as if no improvement had occurred, and remains bill-neutral.
  • The financial benefit of electricity savings collected by City Light is paid back to the building owner or Efficiency Energy Developer through a Power Purchase Agreement.

To learn more about the program, please download and review the following program documents.

Please note that the Project Form is informational, to apply to the program you will need to use the application workbook which is in Excel format.

To request an application or for more information, contact an Energy Advisor at with the subject line: EEaS information request.

Future solicitations phases will be held until 30 projects are enrolled in EEaS. Contact program manager, Colm Otten at to join the EEaS mailing list to receive program updates and newsletters.