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Denny Substation Project Nears Final Design Milestone: Public Hearing to be Held

The City Council’s Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing on two topics related to the Denny Substation Project.

City Light Submits Advanced Metering Report to Seattle City Council: Outlining Benefits, Research and Addressing Concerns

Seattle City Light is making a White Paper report on the benefits, cost, research and customer outreach plan related to the advanced meters in plans to install.

Councilmember O’Brien Seeks Residential Customer to Serve on Seattle City Light Review Panel

Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien seeks a new representative for the City Light Review Panel to represent City Light’s residential rate-paying customers.

Seattle City Council Unanimously Reconfirms City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco

By a vote of 8-0, the Seattle City Council today reconfirmed Jorge Carrasco for another four years as Seattle City Light superintendent.

Mayor McGinn, Business Leaders Endorse Strategic Plan for Seattle City Light

Mayor Mike McGinn and a group of business leaders endorsed a strategic plan for Seattle City Light that is designed to guide operations, investments and rates at the municipally owned utility.

Open Letter to Our Customers on 2010 Accomplishments

You, our customers, are the focus of everything we do at Seattle City Light, so I’m pleased to provide an overview of key accomplishments we achieved on your behalf in 2010. — Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent