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Scam Activity is Ramping Up; Protect Yourself from Fraud.

In the last two days, City Light has received over 30 reports of scammers attempting to defraud customers over the phone. Even worse, today we heard from a customer that someone claiming to represent City Light showed up on their doorstep demanding a payment. Typically, scammers will demand financial and personal… [ Keep reading ]

Scam Alert: Don’t Fall Victim to Callers Demanding Payment

Seattle City Light has received reports that scammers are at it again. One of the current scam tactics involves contacting customers by phone, pretending to be employees of City Light and demanding payment. If you receive a recorded message or a live call from someone demanding payment right away, hang up and call us… [ Keep reading ]

Customers Advised to Use Caution to Avoid Scammers Pretending to be Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light is reminding customers to protect their personal financial information to avoid becoming a victim of scammers posing as City Light employees.

Scammers Target Utility Customers by Phone, Email and In-Person Visits

As temperatures continue to drop and the importance of keeping your home warm rises, scammers are taking full advantage of the situation by targeting utility customers; threatening to shutoff power unless payment is made to a fraudulent bill collector.

Consumer Alert: Beware of Con Artists Posing as Utility Bill Collectors

Seattle City Light is warning its customers to guard against con artists pretending to be utility bill collectors. City Light has received more than a dozen reports of attempted fraud this week alone. Customers reported receiving phone calls from someone who claims to represent the utility. The caller fraudulently claims… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light Warns Customers to Protect Against Fraud

Seattle City Light is warning its customers to protect themselves against con artists who are using false threats of disconnecting electrical service in attempts to steal money.

July 19 Coffee Hour Forum Focuses on Scams that Target Seniors

Our friends at the Seattle Human Services Department’s Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens are offering a free event where you can learn about “Scams that Target Seniors (and how to prevent them).”