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Vegetation Management: What to know before we trim

Every day, our Power Line Clearance team within City Light’s Vegetation Management group works to ensure the reliability of our electricity and safety of our communities and crews by employing a systematic approach to vegetation management around the utility’s complex network of substations, power lines and transformers.

To learn more about our program and what to expect when our vegetation management crews are in your area, please watch the short video below.

In summer 2019, City Light began experimenting with a conservation mowing technique along the right-of-way (ROW) of the Chief Sealth Trail.

This mowing method promotes insect pollination and active bird nesting. During the season, the ROW grass and flowering plants provide food and shelter for several bird species that nest along the trail. The tall grass protects the birds from predators. In addition, several plants along the ROW support insect pollination, which aid in plant and food production.

The utility will continue using this technique on the trail this summer. Learn more by watching the video below.