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Denny Substation Project Update

Demolition of the former Greyhound Bus maintenance facility at the site of the future Denny Substation nears completion.



Site of Future Denny Substation

Site of future Denny Substation after demolition of former Greyhound Bus maintenance facility.


Environmental Remediation

With the bus garages demolished, the first phase of environmental remediation of the former Greyhound maintenance facility is nearing completion. Activity planned for the week of November 12 will include installation of a fence along the alley, grading of the site and the installation of erosion controls. It is anticipated that Phase I site work will be completed by November 22 and construction at the site will go on hiatus through the winter. During this time the site will be monitored to ensure erosion control measures are maintained and effective. Phase II of the remediation project begins in April 2013 and involves the excavation and removal of contaminated soil, backfilling with clean soil, and restoring the street areas affected.

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Environmental Review

City Light’s environmental team is preparing a summary of the public comments received during a scoping process under SEPA to determine the topics that will be covered in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to be prepared for the Denny Substation project. Comments received through November 7 will be reflected in this Scoping Document. It will be posted on the project website on November 20, 2012 by 6:00 p.m.