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Make it an LED Holiday Season

led lightsAs the holiday season grows near, neighborhoods across the country are already well into their annual transformation into festivals of lights.  From inflatable snowmen in front yards to houses decorated top to bottom with lights, there is no escaping the holiday cheer. We’ve even seen an aluminum tree bathed in rotating colored lights displayed in all its 1970s disco glory right here in Seattle.

While we appreciate a dash of retro spirit so Santa can get down with his bad elf self, Seattle City Light, the nation’s greenest utility, encourages you to join us in celebrating a LED filled holiday season.

Making the switch to LED light bulbs provides a sturdier, longer lasting and easier-to-install alternative to incandescent lights. These energy efficient light-emitting diodes use 75 percent less energy than incandescent lights, making them the greenest choice; regardless of the color you choose. Using less energy will save you money. Additionally, these lights put out less heat making them not only the smarter choice, but the safer one too.

If you’re organized and already put up your display, now is the time to plan ahead for next season. The best time to buy LED holiday lights starts Dec. 26 so .