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Seattle City (spot)Light: Julie Scrivner

Julie Scrivner is a newer City Light employee who has worked on the Customer Energy Solutions (CES) team for just over six months. She serves the division as a planning analyst. “I do strategy and planning for future customer clean energy programs, including energy efficiency, transportation electrification, and renewable energy offers,” she explained. “I’ve really been focused on applying a racial equity analysis to our work to learn how we can design more equitable programs for communities of color, immigrants, refugees, people surviving on low incomes, young people and folks who communicate with limited-English proficiency. I spend most of my days reading reports, meeting with community leaders and stakeholders and sharing what I learn with CES.”

Julie grew up in Northern California’s Bay area and moved to Seattle after college. She attended the University of California, Berkeley where she majored in society and environment. ”The program looked at the social, political and economic contexts of environmental issues,” she shared. “I also minored in global poverty and practice, which examines historical and global poverty, wealth, and inequality.”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Julie talks about her hobbies and life in Seattle.

“I moved to Seattle without ever having visited except for a job interview (when it was pouring rain) and not knowing anyone. For me, it was exciting to dive into a completely new adventure. I like to joke I subconsciously decided I wanted to find a job in Seattle because of the skyline and ferry scenes from the show Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I live in North Capitol Hill and I love that I am within walking and biking distance of groceries and restaurants, South Lake Union, and Volunteer Park. I try to only drive when I leave Seattle.
I love outdoor activities. In the winter I spend a lot of time snowboarding. In the summer I backpack and mountain bike. All year round you can find me doing yoga.”

“I was attracted to City Light for both the role and the organization. I’ve worked in research, evaluation, product development and product management, but I have always been selling to or consulting utilities. I liked the opportunity to apply all those experiences in-house. I was also thrilled to move into the public sector because of the responsibility to serve all.”

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work in the intersection of clean energy and equity to ensure that everyone benefits from our investments. I am excited to show up for work every day because I love what I do, and I love working on it with my teammates.”