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City Light Maintenance Facility Wins Clean Air Award for Second Year Running

For the second year in a row, City Light’s Newhalem maintenance facility has been selected by the Northwest Clean Air Agency (NWCAA) to receive a Partners for Clean Air Gold Award.  This award recognizes that the Newhalem maintenance facility has demonstrated three consecutive years of perfect compliance with air quality regulations and has implemented additional clean air practices including increasing the use of electric vehicles, replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting, switching from paints containing volatile organic compounds to water-based paints, and implementing rideshare programs. 

City Light Air Quality Program Manager Echo Tremaglio, who applied for the award, said: “I am proud of City Light’s contributions to keeping our air clean.” 

City Light Chief Environmental Officer Tom DeBoer said “As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, this is a great example of the things City Light strives for in being good stewards to our shared environment. “

Of more than 490 businesses that are registered with the NWCAA , City Light was one of only 15 that earned this award in 2019.