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Save Energy and Money With These Spring-Cleaning Tips

The equinox is here, so it’s officially time for spring cleaning. While you could stay focused on the traditional chores (clearing gutters, changing out wardrobes, dusting…everything), consider this a chance to conserve energy, save money, and stay comfortable.  

You don’t have to take on big projects either; you can do it as part of saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring with these seven energy-efficient tips.  

Window cleaner washing window on green park background
Clean windows let in more light

1. Air filters: Clean or replace them 

If your home has a central air system, take this opportunity to clean or replace your filters. Cleaning is a quick task that many of us forget about, but not only does a clean or new air filter improve the air quality of your home, it also makes your system more efficient. 

2. Appliances: Consider more efficient cooking devices 

Kitchen appliances like ovens and ranges can send a lot of heat throughout your home. When temperatures rise, save power with energy-efficient appliances like a microwave or pressure cooker instead of the oven. Even better, keep the heat out of your home, and enjoy the day by grilling outside. (Oh, and don’t forget to clean that oven door!

3. Cold air: Keep it inside 

After dusting your blinds, curtains or drapes, keep them drawn on windows that see a lot of sunlight. If it’s time for new ones, look for energy-efficient coverings, in addition to blinds and drapes, like films and shades. These help keep cool air in your home longer before the heat of the day takes over, giving your air conditioner and fans a break. 

4. Entry points: Plug those leaks 

A lot of energy is wasted on leaky points of entry to your home. When cleaning, take a close look at your windows and doors. What does the caulking around your windows look like? How large is the gap under your door?  

Old caulking and large gaps might mean you’re losing cool or warm air. Take this opportunity to fill those up by recaulking your windows or purchasing a new door sweep, one that’ll fit more snugly and securely. Plus, it’s always good practice to keep your doors and windows closed when it’s cooler inside than outside. 

5. Light bulbs: Swap incandescent bulbs for LEDs  

Did you know the original Easy-Bake Oven worked with a pair of incandescent light bulbs? That hopefully gives you an idea of how much heat just one of those creates. If you’ve neglected changing dead light bulbs the past few months, consider using LEDs instead. They not only last longer, but they’re far more energy efficient and don’t put out serious heat. 

6. Windows: Clean, open, and/or replace them 

By now, you’ve checked the caulking and thoroughly cleaned your windows, which’ll let more natural light in and let you keep more lights off. Consider cleaning or installing window screens as well. When it gets warmer, a cool breeze is sometimes all it takes to stay comfortable—and this’ll be far more enjoyable without any dust blowing through your clean home.  

If you’re able to do so, consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows. We have information that can help

7. Larger spring-cleaning projects: Upgrade an old heating system

Finally, if you’re wanting to take the ultimate spring-cleaning step, considering upgrading an old heating system with heat-pump technology. Whether replacing your heating and cooling system or your water heater, we offer discounts and rebates to our customers for qualified heating and cooling solutions. Plus, if you’re a Seattle resident and want to convert from oil to electric, you might be eligible for financial assistance.   

Find these spring-cleaning tips helpful? We’ve got even more energy-efficiency suggestions for you.