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City Light Completes Streetlight Safety Upgrades in Holly Park

Seattle City Light recently completed the final phase of work in the Holly Park neighborhood to upgrade the streetlight electrical grounding system. This work ensures that all streetlights continue to work properly and safely by reducing the risk of contact voltage through improved grounding.

A map outlining the phases of work in Holly Park.

A map outlining the phases of work in Holly Park.

Grounding is installed on electrical systems to ensure safety for anyone who may come in contact with elements of the system. Contact voltage can occur on metal streetlight structures, or other equipment that can conduct electricity and become energized. No contact voltage problems have been found at Holly Park during the past three years of inspections. Testing is completed annually to make sure all electrical equipment is safe.

Contracted crews completed the final phase of this project in October 2016. As safety for customers is Seattle City Light’s first priority, the utility will continue to test all metal streetlights and associated structures in its service territory for contact voltage annually and report on the findings.

For more information about this project and others in your neighborhood, please visit Seattle City Light’s construction website. Search for utility construction projects in your area by neighborhood, address and ZIP code.