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Enormous electrical transformer maneuvered into place following cross-continent journey

After making a long cross-continent journey, a 110-ton power grid transformer arrived at the East Pine Substation in the wee hours of Sunday, Feb. 12. Similar in weight to a Boeing 757 airplane, Seattle City Light’s newest transformer has an expected lifespan of 40 to 50 years. It replaces a… Filed Under: News & Events, PowerlinesTagged With:

Crew and Customer Safety: What You Need to Know

City Light crews are continuously working to improve the electrical system and the communities we serve. From maintaining our infrastructure to upgrading equipment and exploring new energy technology solutions, our crews work to deliver safe, clean, and reliable power to customers. Learn more about what our workers do and ways… [ Keep reading ]

City Light Completes Underdeck Lighting Upgrades in South Park

Seattle City Light recently completed the final lighting upgrades at the State Route 99 overpass on South Cloverdale Street. Contracted crews replaced the high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with new light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures from August to December 2020.

Underdeck Lighting Improvements at South Cloverdale Street

Starting in late August 2020, Seattle City Light will upgrade the underdeck high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures at the State Route 99 overpass on South Cloverdale Street. The lights will be replaced with new light emitting diode (LED) fixtures that will improve pedestrian and traffic safety.

City Light to Begin Fiberoptic Cable Installations in Southwest Seattle

Seattle City Light crews plan to install new fiberoptic cables between several utility substations in the southwest Seattle area. This work is needed to provide reliable communications for City Light’s electrical substations and operations network.

Underdeck Lighting Upgrades Planned in the Chinatown-International District

Starting in mid-March 2020, Seattle City Light contracted crews will upgrade the underdeck high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures at several overpass locations in the Chinatown-International District area. Existing lights will be replaced with new light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The lighting upgrades will increase visibility and improve pedestrian and traffic safety in the area.

Electrical Improvements Planned in the Meadowbrook Area

In 2014, Seattle City Light crews installed temporary overhead cables when the Thornton Creek bridge was rebuilt. In order to permanently restore the electrical infrastructure, crews will install underground electrical conduits and cables on 35th Avenue Northeast. This work is scheduled to start in mid-March 2020. Crews will be working… [ Keep reading ]

Electrical Reliability Work Planned on 4th Avenue

Seattle City Light crews plan to install an underground duct bank (groups of conduits used to protect electrical cables) on 4th Avenue, near Jefferson Street. This project is needed to maintain and provide future capacity for electrical growth in the downtown core.

Underground Electrical Upgrades Planned in Capitol Hill

In 2017, Seattle City Light crews installed underground electrical conduit, vaults and associated equipment in parts of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. This work was done as part of the City of Seattle’s ordinance to convert overhead power lines to an underground electrical system. The next step of this work involves pulling in cables to connect to the underground system. This is projected to begin in early March 2020.

Electrical Upgrades Planned in the Delridge Neighborhood

Seattle City Light crews plan to upgrade the electrical reliability of the Delridge neighborhood by replacing aging utility poles, overhead wire, and equipment along Southwest Brandon Street, 21st Avenue Southwest, Southwest Andover Street, and 23rd Avenue Southwest. These improvements will support growth for future electrical infrastructure in the area while reducing unplanned power outages.