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Seattle City (spot)Light: Lorraine Stephens

Lorraine Stephens has been at City Light for 28 years and will celebrate her retirement this summer (her last day at the utility is July 5, but who’s counting?) Born in Iowa, her dad’s occupation as a preacher moved her family from town to town, state to state. Eventually, she made her way to Seattle where she’s called home the past 34 years.

Lorraine has three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild (ask her about any and her face will light up instantly). “I love my grandbabies. They say you love your grandkids more than you love your own children, and I think that’s so true,” she said with twinkle in her eye. “They make you happy. It’s just different.” This week, we shine the (spot)Light on Lorraine, her career at City Light and her plans for retirement.

Lorraine is all smiles for the camera

“When I first started at City Light, I was in a janitorial position. Through the years, I worked my way up to a maintenance laborer and then to my current position as an Installation Maintenance Worker (IMW) which is a lead position.”

“As an IMW, I lead the crew in the work that needs to be completed and the service calls that need to be answered. We move furniture, we move people, we’ll haul various pieces and materials.  We’ll also go to Boundary and Skagit to build out work stations. Whatever site City Light owns, we’re there. It’s not just furniture. Sometimes we pull weeds, take care of plumbing, install sinks. We do a little bit of everything. I’ve learned a lot; now I take care of all these tasks at home!”

“After I retire, I want to stay put and enjoy summer. I also plan to volunteer at the hospital and rock all the newborn babies that are sick. I can’t wait to wrap those babies and snuggle them with love. I’m really looking forward to that. I also love to walk. My dog Coco better be ready because we’re going to take some long walks together. The Cedar River Trail is nice. I tend to stay out in the open, circle the block near town. I love having Coco around. She’s a cute little Chihuahua that keeps me company.”

“I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know the people at the utility through the years. It’s been like a family to me. We’ve all laughed and cried together. It’s been a great place to work and was a good career move on my part, even though I had to start at the bottom. I’ve always believed that if you work hard, be positive, be nice and treat people right, then that’s how you get by.”

Congratulations on your retirement, Lorraine, and thank you for 28 years of service to the utility! Enjoy your golden years!