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Seattle City (spot)Light: Kathy Hunter

Kathy Hunter’s City Light career began in June of 1990 when she joined the utility as a cook camp service aid for Skagit Tours. In her time at the utility, she’s taken on various roles from cooking and backing for the tours to other jobs as a janitor, laborer, food service supervisor and store clerk. In 2013, she became a full-time administrative specialist starting at Ross Powerhouse, though she also fills in at Diablo Powerhouse now. She works out of the Skagit Office in Newhalem.

Kathy lives in the town of Marblemount with her husband of 36 years. Together, they have two children and three grandchildren. “We live near the Cascade River,” Kathy said. “We like to take our grandkids down there to walk along the trail. Gardening is another hobby of ours. Right now, our peas are starting to bloom!” Kathy also volunteers at the Marblemount Community Center and has been a member of the board for ten years, serving as president for the past three. In this week’s (spot)Light, Kathy recounts her days of Skagit Tours and shares her love of the outdoors.

Kathy Hunter at Skagit

“My first job at City Light was with Skagit Tours. I was hired as a camp service aide and worked at the cook house during the tour season. Back then, we worked out of Diablo at the old cookhouse and had three tours a day. The incline was also part of the tour. Guests would ride it up, get on the boat and ride it back down after the tour. We used to serve the Dam Good Chicken Dinner when they returned. I did that for about ten years. Eventually, I was brought on as an admin for the team at Ross Dam. That’s actually what started my career as an admin for the Skagit which is where I am today.”

“You can imagine what it was like to work up at Ross Dam. Getting there was a little adventure. There used to be a big crew boat that would transport us to the office. They do it differently now, but it was still kind of neat at the time. Occasionally, we would see something interesting during our boat ride. One time we saw a bear. Another time we saw a little two-seater amphibian car skirting across the lake. That was pretty funny.”

“One thing I really enjoy about my job is the location. Who can drive to work every day and just look at the scenery? There are very few folks who can. I love the country and its quietness. I just truly enjoy the outdoors. My dad was a farmer so I grew up on a farm. We had raspberries, but also chickens, pigs and cows. I even talked my dad into a horse. Those are some of my favorite memories. It was just amazing to grow up that way and have that kind of lifestyle.”

“Being at the Skagit is kind of like family. I love everyone I work with up here. When it’s time to retire, it’s going to be hard. Working with these folks for so long has been truly special.”