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Seattle City (spot)Light: Nima Miri

Distribution Planning Engineer Nima Miri has been at the utility for nearly four years. “Our team looks at systems at a very high level, scopes out the project and then transfers to distribution engineering to implement the next step,” Nima explained. “We’re the planners.”

Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Nima spent most of his childhood in America and lived several years in Iran. “I was exposed to both cultures,” Nima shared. He studied engineering at Edmonds Community College and went on to receive a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, with a focus on power systems. He’s been in the Northwest for 19 years and currently resides in south Everett with his wife Marina and their two sons, Michael and Adrian.

Nima with his family

“My role involves many different tasks which lends itself to interesting projects. One of my responsibilities is to model the electric distribution system. Based on that, I perform several system studies such as large customer impact studies to figure out how we can serve those customers on a system level. I also examine the reliability of our systems. These studies lead into the creation of different projects that address system deficiencies. I also calculate the ratings for equipment and system elements and prepare the small area load forecast for circuits, substations and the general area, which I really enjoy.”

“I finished high school in Iran which gave me a very strong mathematics background. When I returned to the U.S., my parents encouraged me to consider the Pacific Northwest. I had some family in this area, so it seemed like a good choice. I love the nature and the beauty of the Puget Sound area. I also really love the cultural diversity which is why I think my parents recommended Seattle.”

“Because I’m an electrical engineer, I’m really into audio systems. I can call myself an audiophile. I spend enough time on it to get my wife upset. There are others here at the utility with a similar interest, so sometimes we get together to refurbish equipment. I also like to study languages on my free time. I’m learning Russian right now. I speak Farsi and English fluently, but also know basic Arabic and Russian. My wife’s family is from Russia which serves as the inspiration for learning it.”

“My wife has a large family as do I, so our house turns into the hub for family gatherings around the holidays and other occasions. That’s always interesting to see. Different people, different cultures, different languages intersecting. Actually, that’s what I like most about working at City Light—the diversity in our workplace, in all aspects. With my middle eastern background, this is my first job after 9/11 where I don’t have to regularly answer questions about religion or what I believe. That’s what I really like about working here.”