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Seattle City (spot)Light: Lynne Moore

On March 21, Lynne Moore celebrated 35 years with the utility—a hard-earned accomplishment that’s proudly recognized amongst her colleagues. As Crew Chief of the Structural Iron Workers, Lynne has spent her City Light career in the Steels Shop at the South Service Center. “If it’s made of metal, we can make it,” Lynne explained. “We work on the dams, transmission towers and substations. We also repair the line trucks and fabricate panels for the control rooms. We even do some plumbing!”

A native Washingtonian, Lynne grew up in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. She lives in West Seattle with her husband Gary. “We met at work!” Lynne shared. “He was an ironworker like me. We worked in the same shop for many years.” With retirement on her mind (April 3 marks her last day at the utility!), Lynne reflects on her career at City Light and shares her retirement plans.

Lynne with her husband Gary

“The first thing I want to do in my retirement is volunteer at the Blood Bank. I’m a frequent blood donor and thought it would be fun to be a greeter; especially with the City blood drives so I can see my friends! I also love to garden. Tomatoes and cucumbers are my favorite vegetables to grow. I have a huge plant room in my house. It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work. I also love to travel. This year, we’re going to Hawaii, Norway and Iceland.”

“I got into this field by mistake, but it worked out well. I returned from working on a kibbutz in Israel and moved in with my brother who was a welder. I went with him to apply at fabrication companies and shipyards. I never thought I would get hired; I mean, it was 1976, you know? But one of the companies on Harbor Island called me for a helper position. I was strong, it was a good shift time and they offered $6.10 per hour. I was in heaven!”

“I took the advice of a foreman who suggested I apply to the Ironworker Apprenticeship Program. So, I did. I was the first woman to complete the program at that location which was neat. I worked there for about eight years before applying to City Light. Of course, I was the first woman in the shop. I was always the first woman in every shop. I worked on the floor for about eight years. When our crew chief retired, I applied for the position. It’s been 26 years in this role which makes me the longest sitting crew chief.”

“It’s been a fabulous job with a fabulous crew. When I was working on the floor, it was always amazing to see the finished product. It’s a nice feeling when it all comes together—even after quick deadlines and pressure. It’s just like that resounding feeling of ‘Yes!’, you know? And like I said, there are some fabulous people working here. I’ve met so many wonderful folks throughout my years. In fact, there are only two people remaining from the crew I started with and we’re retiring on the same day!”

“This job has enabled me to do a lot of things I never thought I could have. I have my mother to thank for that. She made sure that we could do anything, if that’s what we wanted.”