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Seattle City (spot)Light: Ellen Javines

Ellen Javines has worked at City Light for 29 ½ years and has held administrative roles in Customer Energy Solutions and Power Supply. Currently, she is the Administrative Specialist III for the Customer Service, Communications & Regulatory Affairs business unit and is a board member of the Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES).

Born in Olongapo, Philippines, Ellen has seen much of the world through her step-father’s service in the United States Navy. “I’m a navy child, not a navy brat,” Ellen said jokingly. “We traveled a lot, living in places like Hawaii and Maine, but stayed in San Diego when my dad got out of the navy. I also remember visiting Louisiana which was interesting because I was exposed to Mardi Gras as a young kid!”

Ellen lives in Auburn and has four daughters and two grandchildren. In this week’s (spot)Light, she talks about her life adventures and interests.

Ellen with her boyfriend Ken.

“Originally, I studied nursing. I was enrolled in a RN program while having my Medical Assistant Certification. I figured I could transfer my credits when I moved. That wasn’t the case.  At the time, the wait list for the UW nursing program was three years. I couldn’t wait that long and pursued another career path. I interviewed at City Light within a week of moving here and was hired soon after. I really like the conservation concept of the utility. Teaching people how to save energy and sharing how energy works.”

“My parents were travelers. They wanted us to experience the sights of America. I remember having an RV hooked up to our car. The Grand Canyon was one of my favorite places we visited. I also enjoyed the bayous of Louisiana. That was interesting! Scary, but interesting. That’s when I realized that I don’t like bugs or biting fish!”

“I love the people in this area. I also love the trees! I never realized how much I loved the mountains, camping and the outdoors until I moved here. I always thought I was a city person! Turns out, I enjoy nature and exploring Washington state. I hike a lot, but I don’t consider myself an extreme hiker. I also knit and crochet. Right now, I’m knitting a lacy shawl that I plan to submit to the Washington Fair. I have fun teaching people how to knit. I’ve always told my daughters that even though we can buy pre-made clothing, it’s always special to make something. To know that you have that skill to rely on.”

“When I first arrived in Seattle, it reminded me of San Francisco. I also experienced snow which initially freaked me out. I was impressed with the diversity of people. I enjoy meeting new people and have no problem introducing myself and learning about others. My mom always said that the United States is a melting pot of people from all over the world and that we were among them. That it was important to learn from all cultures and respect them as we are all the same—we are all humans.”