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Seattle City (spot)Light: Allen Lunde

Allen Lunde is one of the newest faces to the utility, more specifically the Skagit Hydroelectric Project. As a summer intern, Allen is working at the Skagit’s warehouse and is assisting with inventory management.  “A large part of my job is understanding the operation of the project and seeing how different departments communicate with one another,” Allen explained. “My role is to come in with a fresh perspective to see if I can fill in any gaps.”

Allen grew up in Federal Way (shout out to the 253-area code) and has enjoyed his Northwest upbringing. “Washington just has so much to offer,” he shared. “I find it hard to imagine ever moving away.”  A senior at Washington State University (Go Cougs!), Allen is studying Information Systems and Finance.  He also serves as an ambassador for the Carson College of Business.

In this week’s (spot)Light, Allen talks about his time in Newhalem and the excitement of living in such a thriving region.

Allen enjoying the outdoors

“Growing up, my life was centered around faith, family, friends and soccer. I played club soccer for several years; it’s been fun re-living the ‘glory days’ with intramural soccer at WSU, or just kicking a ball around with friends. Within the past year I’ve done a half-marathon with a buddy and completed the STP bike ride with my dad! I enjoy hanging out with my loved ones and staying active.”

“It’s exciting to know that I live in and around one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. Within the past ten years, it seems like the rest of America (and the world) is starting to figure out just how special the greater Seattle area can be if you get out and experience it. Different parts of the community have felt some backlash of that fast-paced growth, of which I witnessed firsthand while volunteering at the ROOTS shelter in the U-District. I’m not a civic engagement expert by any means, but I would like to see leaders of this wealthy Seattle tech-scene continue to step up and create change to help our homeless crisis.”

“I live on-site in Newhalem right in the heart of the North Cascades. It’s beautiful here, and I’m blessed to be able to call this place home for the summer! I love how a plethora of hikes and trails are a ten-minute drive away and that I can go adventuring any day of the week. I also enjoy meeting different people at our Skagit project. There’s a wide-variety of job descriptions and each employee has unique responsibilities. So, with everyone working in different areas, there is a certain sense of community present. We are all working toward something much greater than ourselves and that bond is the glue that holds everything together. Everybody up here is extremely friendly, and we look out for one another. It is immediately apparent that these servant leaders are working with the best interest of Seattle citizens at heart.”