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Seattle City (spot)Light: Sunny Yousos

Procurement and Contracting Coordinator Sunny Yousos recently celebrated her five-years at City Light. “I’m in the Customer Care division and work on the Advanced Metering Program,” Sunny explained. “I love being on the AMI program and enjoy working with a great team in a fast-paced environment.  I procure vendors/consultants contracts and secure large purchases.”

A proud PNW native, Sunny was born and raised in White Center and went to Evergreen High School. “I was born in Washington, but the rest of my family immigrated from Malaysia,” Sunny shared. ”We all lived here, but now I’m the only one left! My four older brothers moved to California and my dad stays here a few months out of the year.” She now lives in Seattle with her husband, Aly, and their seven-year old twins, Sofiyah and Aaliyah.

In this week’s (spot) Light, Sunny talks about her hobbies, her family and shares what attracted her to City Light.

Sunny and her husband


“I was in the financial industry before City Light.  After 15 years, it was time for something different. I was attracted to City Light because I wanted to make a difference in the City.  I love Seattle; it’s such a beautiful place. It was important to me to know what was going on in the area—to be connected. I’m glad I made the jump because I love meeting and working with diverse individuals at the utility and learning about each department and what they do. Everyone has been amazing.“

“I love to hike.  It’s been hard to do those things with the twins, but they’re getting older so it’s a little easier to manage.  I hike anywhere in the Puget Sound. There is always a paranoia of being attacked by cougars and bears, so I always carry bear spray! This summer I hiked at Lake Serene, Snow Lake, Bridal Veils Fall, Mount Pilchuck and Lake Blanca.  I recently did the old trail at Mailbox Peak; it was very challenging!  It is a 4,000 foot elevation gain from the trailhead to the mailbox at the top at 2.7 miles!

“I also love to go on weekend snowboarding trips to Mount Bachelor or Mount Hood. I go to Steven’s Pass and Snoqualmie whenever I can.  When I was in high school, my best friend took me snowboarding and I was hooked.  It was hard at first; I kept falling! She kept reassuring me and taught me her techniques. Soon enough, I was able to learn and never looked back.”

“Right now, the girls are keeping us busy with swimming lessons.  It’s been fun. Homework is another big activity at our house. The academic work my girls bring home at their age amazes me; they’re doing power factoring and other equations!  I spend a lot of time helping them with their homework.  Spelling, reading, writing and math has become my nightly routine.”