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Scam Activity is Ramping Up; Protect Yourself from Fraud.

In the last two days, City Light has received over 30 reports of scammers attempting to defraud customers over the phone. Even worse, today we heard from a customer that someone claiming to represent City Light showed up on their doorstep demanding a payment.

Typically, scammers will demand financial and personal information in addition to payment with a pre-paid credit card, threatening customers with a shutoff of service. This isn’t how City Light does business.

Seattle City Light will never call, email or visit customers demanding immediate payment to avoid shutoffs. Anyone who falls behind on payments will receive at least two written notifications before the shutoff process starts.

If someone calls you demanding payment for a City Light bill, that person is a scammer. Hang up on them right away and call our Customer Care Center to report it at 206.684.3000.

If someone claiming to be from City Light approaches you at home and asks for personal or financial information, requests to enter your home, or cannot provide you with employee identification, immediately shut your door, secure your home and call 911. City Light employees will never need to enter your home to collect a bill or conduct any sort of test.

To learn more about how you can end scams, please visit: