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Superstar Gymnast Linked to City Light

Last month, gymnast Katelyn Ohashi took the world by storm with her gymnastics routine — a perfect ten! But did you know that the viral sensation has a connection to City Light? Her father Richard Ohashi is an Electrical Service Representative at the South Service Center. A 44-year veteran of the utility, Richard chatted with us about his daughter’s many talents and what the future might hold for her.

The UCLA gymnast has garnered more than 33 million views on YouTube for her floor routine

From Good Morning America to Access Hollywood, what has it been like to see your daughter receive a flurry of national attention?
“It has been an exciting time.  I’m very happy and proud that she is getting recognition for all the hard work she has put in over the years.  She first missed the Olympics when she was at her prime because she was not quite 16 years of age.  She was injured the next time the Olympics came around.”

What has been your proudest moment thus far?
“I am so proud to see the young woman she has become.  Not only for her gymnastic skills, but for her blog ‘Behind the Madness,’ her poetry, her composure during interviews, knowing what she wants to do in life and the role model she is for all the young kids that follow her.”

What advice have you provided to her along the way?
“I just tell her to be herself.”

What’s next for Katelyn?
“Hopefully, ‘Dancing with the Stars’! She plans to intern at Players Tribune in New York this summer after graduation. She also wants to write a couple of books. One of them will be on her poetry. She has also been approached about an autobiography.”

Richard and Katelyn in New York

Thank you, Richard, for chatting with us and congrats on your family’s success. We’ll keep an eye out for Katelyn on “Dancing with the Stars”!