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Seattle City (spot)Light: Cintia Luna-Villasana

Cintia Luna-Villasana will celebrate four-years at Seattle City Light in March. She started on the Talent and Acquisition team, but after three years, transitioned to Power Supply as the Administrative Specialist for Officer Mike Haynes. “I’m better known as Mike’s conscience,” Cintia joked. “I also support Generation Operations and Engineering Director Faz Kasraie. I handle travel requests, training contracts, budget information, HR processes – a variety of things.”

Cintia was born in Wenatchee where she lived until she was about eight years old. “My parents had a business and decided to move to western Washington,” Cintia shared. “They have a Mexican restaurant in Everett, El Pollo Rico. I still help out with bookkeeping on the weekends.” Cintia attended Western Washington University on a full-ride scholarship and received a degree in business administration with a focus in human resources.

In this week’s (spot)Light, Cintia talks about public service and the family vacations that sparked her interest in utilities.

Cintia at Bonneville Powerhouse

“Growing up, my parents took me to Rocky Reach Dam every Easter because it had an egg hunt and real bunnies! I also went there on a school field trip. I remember visiting the fish ladder and viewing area and thinking that it was the greatest place. Ever since then, I’ve always liked generation and developed an interest in utilities.”

“Visiting dams and learning about power is something I enjoy. It was part of my childhood. Whenever people visited, we took them to Rocky Reach. It has a cool visitor’s center and was something neat to see. So, in a way, I grew up with dams. And I’ve kept it up! In 2008, I went to Grand Coulee Dam. That was something since it’s the mightiest hydroelectric plant in the United States. I’ve visited Chief Joseph Dam, Bonneville Dam and on a recent trip to Palm Springs, I toured the windmill farm. It was super interesting and gave me a greater appreciation for hydro. This June, I plan to check out the Hoover Dam. I’ve been to our dams in Boundary, Skagit, Lucky Peak as well as Masonry Dam in Cedar Falls. I’m hoping that one day I can visit BC Hydro – I just need access. If you know someone, let me know!”

“I like to go on road trips – even if it’s just for a day. I’m the person who won’t have anything planned and will spontaneously say ‘Let’s go!’ Depending on the weather, it could be Portland or Vancouver, BC., but honestly, my favorite getaway is Skagit. It’s so close and just beautiful. I also like summer road trips to eastern Washington, particularly Wenatchee because it’s home. I like being away from the city. I’m a country girl at heart.”

“I got into public service because both my brothers are Marines. It’s my way of giving back; we’re all public servants, in a way. One of my brothers is deployed and on his second term, and the other is about to finish his term. I love my parents and am very close to them. I have so much to be thankful for. When my family arrived in the United States, they were apple pickers in Wenatchee and saved money to make their dreams come true. My siblings and I are living our American dream and it’s great for my parents to see.”