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Seattle City (spot)Light: Katie Zook

Katie Zook has been at City Light for nearly six years. She’s part of the Transformation and Customer Experience team where she works on renewable energy accounts. “I administer annual incentive payments and assist in billing corrections for customers who participate in one or more of our renewable energy programs, through either having solar panels (or other renewable energy sources) on their homes or businesses or by participating in one of our Community Solar Projects,” Katie explained.

Katie is originally from Colorado (go Broncos!) but moved to Washington when she was young. She studied accounting and business management and has worked in utilities for 14 years. Katie lives in South Everett with her boyfriend James, 11-year old son Gavyn and puppy Whittaker. “Gavyn named our puppy after mountaineer Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mount Everest,” she shared.

In this week’s (spot)Light, learn about Katie’s hobbies, love of the outdoors and her role at City Light.

Katie at Mt. Rainier National Park

“I love the outdoors and traveling. I’ve been to several countries, 43 states and am the first to say yes to a road trip. My son and I went on a five-week road trip last summer across eight states and 5,000+ miles.  We camped, hiked national parks (we visited eight!), went to the Bonneville Speed Races, enjoyed hot springs and spent countless days surfing up and down the California coast.”

“Gardening is another hobby of mine. Currently, I have over 40 types of veggies, fruits and herbs in my garden! My other happy place is our off-grid property in Wenatchee where we ride dirt bikes and quads, hike and spend time with family and friends. I also love kayaking, rock-climbing, snowboarding and hiking. Someday I plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.”

“My job is to calculate annual incentive payments for certified incentive customers. While that sounds simple, a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into data analysis and database creation, maintenance, reporting and quality control. I love that our work supports sustainability in the Northwest. It’s exciting when customers enjoy the benefits of these programs and see how they support renewable energy in the region! I also enjoy working with data. To me, data tells a story all its own; it directs and supports so much of what we do. It’s up to us to use it to make informed and successful decisions.”

“I absolutely love the people at the utility. We truly are a melting pot and are very diverse in our cultures, skillsets, personalities, hobbies and backgrounds. It’s refreshing to see this all come together in a respectable manner; it truly makes coming to work easy. I’m constantly learning from my co-workers – whether it’s job skills, hobbies or how to make their favorite family recipe that’s been passed down through generations.  I have seriously never worked with a more driven, motivated and compassionate group of people who take pride in their work and just simply do what needs to be done. In an industry that is quickly changing and adapting to new technologies and business models, it’s refreshing to see all the people behind the scenes that consistently keep everything moving and come up with new innovative ideas.”