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Seattle City (spot)Light: Todd Newcombe

Todd Newcombe has been at City Light for 18 ½ years. He’s part of the Customer Operations teams where he works as an Office Aide. “I do a lot of data entry and computer-based work,” Todd explained.

A native Washingtonian, Todd grew up in the Federal Way area where he currently lives. “My family still lives in the area,” Todd shared. “I very much enjoy spending time with my three nieces and my brother and sister-in-law. It’s nice to just hang out – I cherish the time.”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Todd talks about his friends, his work at City Light and shares a few hobbies.

“I heard about this job through Scott Richter. He and I have been friends since elementary school. His dad was the one who told me about the position because he thought it would be a good fit for me. Scott encouraged me to apply. In fact, he said that if they didn’t hire me they would be making a mistake!”

“I went to Federal Way High School and was part of the employment transition program. It provided a lot of training and gave me a strong sense of community and a good network of people. I like being around people and knowing what they’re all about. It’s fun to talk with others and discuss different topics. They get to know me a lot better that way, too.”

“I like to watch movies and listen to music – I like soft-rock. I’m also excited to see the new Lion King movie. As for sports, I’m a Mariners fan and also watch the Seahawks.”

“I like my co-workers and the friends that I have at City Light. It makes me feel very confident in what I do. I’m grateful to have a job like this – to be around the people at work, day after day. It makes me feel very happy to come to work and very excited to do what I do each day.”