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Tips and Tricks to Stay Toasty This Winter

Close the windows and pull the blinds. Grab your blankets and load 12-hour videos of crackling fireplaces on YouTube. Fall is here! 

Fireplace Picture

Time to get a head start on prepping your home for the changing seasons and colder weather. Addressing these three cold-weather culprits is a great first step:

1. Air Leakage

One of the easiest ways to achieve a warm, efficient home is to make sure you are keeping the cold out. Spend time checking door jambs, outlets and plumbing hookups for drafts. Fixing these can make a big impact on your comfort and costs. Other problem areas might include attics, crawl spaces, recessed lights and fireplaces. 

If you find a leak, research online or ask your local hardware store for tips on fixing it. Most leaks can be addressed inexpensively with weather stripping or expanding foam spray.  

Renters Tip

Our Energy Advisors can help with creative solutions that fit your needs and help navigate conversations about upgrades with your landlord.

2. Single-Pane Windows

Single-pane windows transfer heat easily, letting out your precious warm air. They also tend to be older, so check for gaps as the frame may have shifted over time. Renters and homeowners alike can add affordable plastic covers that act as an additional pane and stops heat from getting out. If you are able, upgrade your windows and get a $ rebate to help cover the cost.

Décor Tip

Many thrift stores carry a selection of affordable and stylish fabric and curtains that can cover up the plastic-wrapped window to keep your home looking polished. 

3. Inefficient Heating Sources

Often older heating sources don’t cut it with our cold and (recently) snowy winters. Before buying a space heater that adds ~$30/month to your bill, consider a holistic solution with an energy-efficient heating system. Upgrading will save you money in the long run and will give you more control of your energy usage. 

Homeowners Tip

We offer $ rebates for ductless heat pumps that are energy efficient and increase your comfort. They’ll even double as an A/C unit during those cherished days of sunshine and heat next summer.  

Other heating sources, like wall fan systems, need to be cleaned and have new filters installed before being turned on for the season. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for directions or if you are a renter, ask your landlord.  

If you use a fireplace, make sure to clean it before use for maximum efficiency. Open the flue before use and close it in between uses to keep warm air in. For those enjoying a virtual fireplace via YouTube, make sure you turn the laptop off before you fall asleep to save energy and money.

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