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Tips and Tricks to Stay Toasty This Winter

Close the windows and pull the blinds. Grab your blankets and load 12-hour videos of crackling fireplaces on YouTube. Fall is here! Time to get a head start on prepping your home for the changing seasons and colder weather. Addressing these three cold-weather culprits is a great first step: 1. Air Leakage… [ Keep reading ]

American Pikas: The Cute but Fierce Dwellers of the North Cascades

The American Pikas are arguably one of the cutest (if not the cutest) mammals in Washington. These cuddly looking creatures are closely related to rabbits and can be found in the mountains of western North America living in the boulder fields and talus near the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project. Despite… [ Keep reading ]

Five Reason to Visit Skagit Tours

North Cascades Highway has opened for the season—summer is on the horizon! The North Cascades Highway is packed with adventures including lowland fishing, more than 300 glaciers, and the one and only Skagit Tours, featuring the Skagit Hydroelectric Project owned by Seattle City Light. Just a couple hours from Seattle… [ Keep reading ]