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Seattle City (spot)Light: Pavle Trifunovic

Pavle Trifunovic will celebrate 14 years at City Light this year. He serves the utility as an overhead crew chief in the Utility Operations & Engineering business unit. “My crew includes five people,” Pavle explained. “Together, we set and transfer poles. We also tend to customer needs and emergency jobs every day.”

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Pavle was living in South Africa before joining his wife in the United States. He currently lives in Kirkland with his family and has a degree in electrical engineering from Middle Tennessee State University. “I was always interested in electricity and how everything functions and is connected in the grid, building, or on the print, also it is my field of work.”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Pavle talks about his hobbies and his work at the utility.

“My family loves skiing, but now our main sport is hockey. For me, to learn anything new is hard, so learning a new sport, especially one where you stand on less than 1/6 of the inch steel edge is even harder,” Pavle explained. “My kids play hockey; they started when they were four years old. They’re now10 and 13, and I did not want to be left out when teams play parents against kids games. Our favorite team is Pittsburgh Penguins, and we can’t wait for our own hockey team next year!”

 “I enjoy going on vacations with my family. Some of the places we’ve been include Aruba, Croatia and Cabo. We are planning to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this June.”

“I learned about City Light through my professor at a local community college. I found the apprentice program and applied to it. That’s how I began my career here! I am journeyman lineman by trade and after six years, I took the position of crew chief for Over Head department, also I am helping out as a temporary supervisor when needed.”