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Seattle City (Spot)Light: Lindsay Ohab

Lindsay Ohab started at Seattle City Light in April 2020. As the utility’s internship coordinator, Lindsay promotes the internship program to local colleges and universities, onboards new interns, and plans professional development programming. “I feel a lot of pride getting to work with our awesome interns – they bring such skill, passion, and dedication to their projects. For instance, Communications Intern Kelsey Hay frequently writes these (spot)Light profiles!”

Originally from Tempe, Arizona, Lindsay went to school in California, receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She continued on to earn her Master of Public Administration at the University of Washington (UW). “Being new to Seattle, graduate school was such a great way to build my personal and professional network.” Lindsay shared. “I made so many life-long friends at UW, including several who are working throughout the City.”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Lindsay shares her experience at City Light, her pre-COVID favorite hobbies, and what she has enjoyed most about her time at the utility.

Lindsay in Šibenik, Croatia 2019

“Since I began my position during the pandemic, I have only ever known remote work at the City. Although the internship program was suspended in summer 2020, I have been grateful to have some time to plan for the return of the program, meet colleagues at City Light and in the community, and learn more about the utility. It has been fun to connect with those interns who were able to stay on for a couple of extra months, learn about their work, and get their valuable feedback about the program.” 

“After going to college in California and returning to Arizona for a few years, I realized that the heat just wasn’t for me. I moved to Seattle 12 years ago to attend graduate school at UW and have been here ever since. I love to travel and have missed it a lot during COVID times. Regardless of how near or far I am traveling, I love the feeling of packing up my suitcase and heading to the airport. I remember my last time on a plane was the weekend before the shutdown – I went to visit some family in the Bay area, and my interview at City Light was a few days later. It was a pretty memorable week!”

“I was attracted to City Light because of the organization’s values and the positive experiences of those I know who work here. I spent the past eight years working in higher education, and the transition to City Light has allowed me to engage with the students in our region in a new way for me. In my previous role at Seattle University, I worked with students to find internships around the city. Now I have the opportunity to bring great students to City Light. In my role, I have heard so many positive comments from supervisors about their interns’ meaningful contributions. Interns have also shared the growth they’ve experienced at City Light. It’s a good feeling to be a part of a formative time in the academic and professional lives of our interns.”

“There have been so many resources available that have helped me learn during these remote times – from the Get to Know City Light Info Sessions, Cornerstone trainings, working closely with SDHR, and the kindness of my colleagues. It is strange to have not met all of my team in person, but they have made me feel so welcome and provided lots of laughs during these times.”