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Seattle City (spot)Light: Tosha Siebert, Manager of Stations, Relay, and Operators

From Field Operations manager for North Line to Manager of Stations, Relay, and Operators, Tosha Siebert reflects on her new role

Tosha Siebert joined City Light as the Field Operations Manager for North Line. “I started my job in March 2020, just a few days before Gov. Inslee announced the stay-at-home order for COVID-19!” Tosha explained. “Starting during this time was extremely difficult. Right away, I had to start implementing new policies and procedures before people had even gotten the chance to get to know me. With all of us continuing to come in each week, we were forced to find different ways to do our work and communicate with each other.”

Born in California but raised in Washington, Tosha considers herself a true Washingtonian. She lives in the Snoqualmie area where she, “loves the beautiful views we have of the Cascades! It’s truly beautiful here, especially when it’s snowing, and I get to enjoy a good romance movie with my electric blanket!”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Tosha talks about her new role at City Light and what she has enjoyed most about her time at the utility.

“I started as the Line Operations Manager at the North Service Center where I learned so much about the operational aspects of our overhead, underground residential distribution, streetlight, and Line Service crews. I have now graciously accepted the offer to move to a new role where I will be able to shift my focus over to learning more about the services our Substation, Relay and Non-Attended Substation (NAS) Operator workgroups provide. Since starting this new role things have been very different. I am getting more of an opportunity to get out and meet employees with less focus on implementation and planning around the pandemic,” Tosha shared. She comes to City Light from Tacoma Power where she previously completed two apprenticeships; her first was a three and a half year Meter apprenticeship, the second being another three and a half year Relay apprenticeship. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management earlier this year.

“A shorter commute, the opportunity to learn more about utility operations and develop my leadership skills were all positives in my decision to join the City Light team. The ability to work with so many different workgroups in Transmission and Distribution Operations piqued my interest, and I feel so privileged to work with and continue to learn from so many great people around me.”