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(spot)Light: Aaron Jackson, Electrician Constructor

The Basics  

  • Years of service: Five  
  • Division: Transmission & Distribution Operations 
  • Tell us about your role: I work on Core 4 at the South Stations. We upgrade and maintain all the transmission and distribution equipment in substations, everything from wiring control equipment to changing out transformers.    


  • Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colo. 
  • Tell us about your family: I moved here in 2012 with my three kids. They are all grown up and living on their own and I’m divorced – an empty nester all the way!  

Just for Fun  

  • What are some of your favorite activities/hobbies? Bouldering, backpacking, paddle boarding, lifting, and snowboarding. Some of my favorite places are Crystal Mountain and Steamboat Springs in Colorado. I am excited to explore other areas once the COVID craziness is done.   
  • What is one thing you couldn’t live without and why? I couldn’t live without having so many ways to play, explore, and create! I love being active and doing. 
  • The big game is on – what sport are you watching, and who are you rooting for? I am not much of a TV watcher, but I will get sucked into a good game from time to time if it is an epic battle between two teams or some amazing athletes (like X Games or the Olympics). 
  • Are you an early bird or a night owl? Early bird 
  • What is the most rewarding part of your work at the utility? I love working on big pieces of equipment that are part of the electrical system, working at heights (for example, on top of a transformer), operating heavy equipment, and turning wiring projects into artwork.