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Announcing a New Program to Help Seattle Small Businesses Transition Their Fleets to EVs 

More small businesses are purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) to offset business costs and reduce harmful emissions. If you’re in the market for an EV, you might have some unanswered questions, like “How do I get EV chargers installed?” and “Are EVs worth it?”  Seattle City Light’s new Fleet Electrification Program is here to help support small businesses as they transition to EVs. 

What is the Fleet Electrification Program? 

The Fleet Electrification Program makes it easy for small businesses to start purchasing and operating their own fleet of EVs. Any City Light commercial customer who has at least one vehicle in their fleet may be eligible. Owning an electric fleet means reducing your fuel costs, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint—which, in the long run, can improve the health of Seattle’s communities.  

The program was started as part of City Light’s commitment to invest in projects that reduce harmful emissions caused by diesel and gas vehicles. By helping our business customers switch to EVs, City Light is helping spread the economic and environmental benefits of an electrified future to small businesses, minority-owned businesses, nonprofits, and more.  

What does the program offer? 

The Fleet Electrification Program offers expert advice for electrifying your fleet and three funding options for installing eligible charging equipment. 

Fleet Advisory Services 

Businesses who participate in the program can receive free expert advice on all EV-related questions. This includes educational resources and one-on-one support from our team of fleet electrification experts.  

For those who need more help, City Light also offers free fleet assessments. This involves a review of your current fleet, followed by information on the financial benefits and potential emission reductions you can expect by switching to electric. Altogether, these assessments offer a comprehensive roadmap with recommendations specific to your business. 

Rebates for EV Charging Equipment 

The Fleet Electrification Program offers three funding options to help businesses offset costs and reduce harmful emissions:  

  • On-road vehicle charger rebates can be used to offset the costs of purchasing and installing Level 2 and DC fast charging stations for EVs. City Light distributes rebates “per-port.” This means customers can receive funds for each eligible charging station they get and install.  
  • The non-road equipment charger rebates are similar to the on-road vehicle charger rebates, but City Light extends the rebate offering to electric charging equipment for specialized non-road vehicles. This includes forklifts, truck refrigeration units, yard trucks, and rail yard equipment such as switchers and rail car movers. 
  • The make-ready infrastructure incentive is designed to support customers located within environmental justice communities with the design, engineering, and construction of qualifying utility-owned infrastructure. This infrastructure is often needed to prepare a site for charger installations.
    • NOTE: The make-ready option is currently in development and will be accepting applications soon. If you are interested in participating, please contact

How To Get Started 

City Light is committed to creating a shared energy future with our customers and helping them to meet their energy needs in whatever way they choose. If you are interested in participating in the Fleet Electrification Program, visit to learn more or enroll in the program at