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Summer 2022 Tours and Recreation

Skagit Tours Canceled The summer just won’t be the same without Skagit Tours. In November, severe flooding washed out a section of SR 20 leading into Newhalem, reducing traffic to a single lane. Washington Department of Transportation will be making repairs over the next several months, which will create… [ Keep reading ]

City of Seattle Celebrates Earth Day with Completion of Miller Community Center Microgrid Project

What better timing to celebrate the completion of the Miller Community Center Microgrid than Earth Day! Despite early showers, the sun arrived just in time for honored guests, Governor Jay Inslee and Mayor Bruce Harrell, to tour the project and deliver remarks. Our own Emeka Anyanwu hosted the tour with… [ Keep reading ]

Electric Vehicles: Your Questions Answered

In our 2021 customer satisfaction survey, six in ten customers told us they don’t currently own or lease an electric vehicle but are interested in getting one. To help you make informed decisions about electric vehicles (EVs), we have compiled a list of common questions and facts about this clean,… [ Keep reading ]

Supply Chain Issues and Staffing Challenges Increase Wait Times for New Service Connections

Seattle City Light is currently experiencing longer than normal wait times for service requests due to reduced staffing numbers, past and present weather events, and supply chain issues. Combined, these factors have created a cascading effect on our service scheduling that we are actively working to correct. We appreciate your… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light 2022 Rate Increase

Update January 4, 2022: City Light became aware of an error in our billing system that resulted in some Seattle City Light residential customers receiving bill notifications on Jan. 4, 2022, that show double charges for the same usage. The error was limited to a subset of approximately 12,500 residential customer bills processed. We have paused all… [ Keep reading ]

Winter weather is coming. Now is the time to prepare.

All week, we (along with most of the region) have been tracking the forecasted snowfall and frigid temperatures that will begin Friday and go into the following week. City Light is staffed and ready to mobilize if and when outages occur. We have prepared for the worst and are hoping… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light 2022 Energy Efficiency Incentive Changes

Seattle City Light would like to thank the participants of our energy efficiency incentive programs. Thanks to your support, City Light’s incentive programs saved enough energy in 2021 to power 11,600 homes for a year. The new year brings updated incentive rates, new measures to take advantage of, and new… [ Keep reading ]

Rails, Redevelopments and Rinks, oh my! How City Light powered the latest updates to Northgate

North Seattle and Northgate have experienced a redevelopment renaissance over the past few years, with more development on the horizon. From taking the Light Rail to Sound Transit’s newest stations or lacing up your skates for a bit of ice time at the practice facility of the National Hockey League’s… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light 期待您在停電時做好準備

又到了每年這個天氣變換多端,瞬間從陽光明媚到充滿暴風雨的時節。暴風和大雪等惡劣天氣可能導致我們地區停電。我們提供一些方法和資源教您如何準備和保持家庭的舒適,關注最新動態,最重要的是在這個季節的安全。 準備好一個整套配備準備一個至少可以生活七天的基本配備包。別忘了您的寵物!有關您所需的提示,請瀏覽以下網址。 密切注意有關附近和周邊地區任何停電的當前資訊請查看 City Light 停電地圖。您也可以在Twitter或Facebook上關注Seattle City Light的更新。 請務必通過簡訊註冊您地區的緊急通知。 AlertSeattle: Alert King County: 註冊我們的Life Support Program如果您家中有人使用此設備,我們會透過Life Support Equipment Program(生命支援設備計劃)為您在計劃內、外中斷期間保持安全提供幫助。有關此計劃的更多資訊以及生命支援設備管理中斷的提示,請瀏覽以下網址。 切勿在室內使用瓦斯或木炭烤火在停電時,切勿在室內使用瓦斯、木炭烤火或燒烤。廢氣在封閉空間中可能是致命的。在家裡安裝一氧化碳探測器,以避免一氧化碳中毒導致疾病甚至死亡。 使發電機遠離您家雖然發電機在停電期間會派上用場,但使用時一定小心。可攜式發電機務必在室外在通風良好的地方使用。 遠離掉落的電線遠離掉落的電線至少30英尺遠,並請撥打911回報。 評估您的庭院樹木隨着大多數樹葉凋落,現在是檢查樹木狀況的大好時機。檢查並找出在風暴期間可能掉落的斷枝或裂開的樹枝。如果您的樹木可能導致電線的安全問題, 請填寫我們的樹木表或致電 (206) 386-1733。 City Light致力於儘快、安全地恢復客戶的電力供應,同時保證維修人員的安全。有關停電前、停電期間和停電之後如何因應的更多資訊,請瀏覽以下我們的網址Powerlines Blog(電源線部落格)

Seattle City Light muốn quý vị chuẩn bị sẵn sàng khi bị mất điện

Giờ là thời điểm thời tiết có thể chuyển từ sáng và nắng sang tối và có bão chỉ trong vài phút. Thời tiết khắc nghiệt như gió bão và tuyết rơi dày có thể dẫn đến tình trạng mất điện trong khu vực của chúng ta. Chúng tôi có… [ Keep reading ]