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City Light Wins EPRI Technology Transfer Awards for Electrification Innovation

Join us in congratulating two Seattle City Light project teams on receiving Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) 2022 Technology Transfer Awards, which recognize leaders and innovators who have applied EPRI research to help shape the future of energy. 

The City Light teams were recognized in EPRI’s Power Delivery and Utilization sector for developing a new electric bus charging base and completing an electrification assessment. The sector received over 100 nominations, and City Light’s two winning projects were among 21 selected to represent the top projects in 2022. The winners were recognized for successfully applying EPRI research and technology, driving progress in the electricity sector, and providing meaningful benefits for their customers and communities.

A brief overview of the winning City Light projects follows. 

Project: King County Metro Transit Facility Development 

Seattle City Light and EPRI sought to understand what it entails to provide charger infrastructure to a fleet of electric buses. In addition to providing power to the Metro Transit South Base charging facility for Metro’s new fleet of all-electric buses, City Light collaborated with King County on the design, testing, and commissioning to support the base’s operations as it moves to an all-electric fleet.

King County Metro Battery Electric Bus
King County Metro’s Battery Electric Bus

“King County Metro Transit and Seattle City Light have been working together for many years to decarbonize transit buses, improving our air quality locally and reducing the global impact on climate change,” said Uzma Siddiqi, grid modernization senior manager. 

The project developed and built a 12-charger facility for 40 electric transit buses that are in service on the streets of Seattle. By providing its analysis publicly, the utility demonstrated the planning and collaboration that goes into a carbon-neutral world. 

Project: Seattle City Light Electrification Assessment 

In collaboration with EPRI, City Light performed a study designed to help the utility better understand how to meet the upcoming surge in energy demand due to the electrification of vehicles, buildings, and more. In addition, the utility also analyzed the current capacity of its grid to determine if it could support these new loads.

The assessment outlined a host of strategies to build momentum and speed electrification:  

  • Advancing the adoption of electric passenger vehicles and commercial trucks and buses 
  • Exploring electric technologies for commercial cooking and space and water heating 
  • Electrifying industry and non-road equipment that are primarily fueled by gas, propane, and diesel today 

These winning partnerships demonstrate the value of collaborative research in creating a more sustainable, efficient, affordable and reliable grid.  

More information is available for City Light’s Transportation Electrification Strategy and King County Metro’s charging facility