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Four Safety Tips for Your Fourth of July Weekend

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us, and it’s a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy the sun. City Light has four safety tips to ensure that you stay safe, and your power stays on, over the holiday.

  1. Cook outside to avoid heating up your home.
    Weather forecasts call for warm weather in the 70s and 80s this week and through the Fourth of July holiday, take the opportunity to cook outside to avoid heating up your home. Whether grilling with electric, propane, or charcoal, remember to always grill outside!

    Looking for more grill safety tips? Check out this post from the Seattle Fire Department.

  2. Keep fireworks away from power lines.
    Not only can fireworks ignite dry grass and vegetation, they can also set power lines alight as well. Take the family to one of several public fireworks displays around Puget Sound like Seafair Summer Fourth!

    Not planning on staying around Seattle? Find a fireworks display outside the city in this guide from the Seattle Times

  3. Make sure mylar balloons don’t fly away.
    If mylar balloons are part of your Fourth of July festivities, make sure they don’t fly away! Tie them down and properly discard them afterward.

    Wayward balloons can get caught in power lines, leading to fires and power outages.

  4. Build campfires and bonfires away from electricity.
    Make sure to build campfires and bonfires safely away from power lines. Smoke and hot gases can create a conductive path for electricity. Don’t forget to check with your local fire district to ensure there are no burn bans in your area!

Check out other ways to beat the heat! Happy Fourth of July!