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Rainier Valley Senior Home Celebrates Completion of Solar Project

On September 13 in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle, Brighton Senior Housing hosted an event to celebrate the completion of a 100-kilowatt solar project to produce energy on top of the building.

At the event, Curtis Brown, the Executive Director for SouthEast Seattle Senior Foundation, spoke about the value of bringing new renewable technology to neighborhoods that have been underrepresented in this area:

Curtis Brown stands in front of part of the new solar installation.

“Solar is important, and so is the concept of rebuilding our society around green technology. As someone who grew up in this neighborhood, most often we feel left behind in innovation. I think we’ve been left out of the sense of ownership of the new technology and what a new world is going to look like. Now, with this project, we can call it part of who we are, which is really important.”

The installation generates renewable energy, and the net metering credits Brighton receives from the project help lower operating costs. But beyond the credits and energy, Curtis notes the real value of these projects is helping residents invest in the future of their community:

“The word that I want to share is ownership. For us to create a better neighborhood, a better city, state, nation, world, we need to have ownership in the process. That we actually own the process is the most important part for us as a community.”

Seattle City Light proudly contributed $150,000 in renewable energy credits for this local rooftop solar project through the Green Up Community Program with the assistance of Customer Energy Solutions team members Shari Weir and Lisa Espinosa. At the event, Joe Fernandi, City Light’s Director of Customer Energy Solutions, spoke more on the value of what these projects bring not only to their immediate communities, but also to our wider goals:

“Energy solutions like solar benefit our communities. Brighton’s new solar panels add renewable energy to the local and regional power grid. These projects are not only innovative and equitable – they also increase access to clean energy and improve the health of our local communities and the region. Also, supporting solar projects is one of the many ways we are working toward meeting our state’s greenhouse gas emissions goals.”

Green Up is a voluntary renewable energy program that allows City Light customers to support Pacific Northwest solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects that generate carbon-free energy. When City Light customers participate in Green Up, City Light purchases renewable energy credits on behalf of our customers. Green Up also sources renewable energy credits from local rooftop solar projects hosted by nonprofit and public organizations like schools, parks, and affordable housing authorities. City Light is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Brighton Senior Housing and support the City of Seattle’s Climate Action Plan. Visit our website if you’re interested in participating in Green Up to support projects like this or install solar of your own.