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Sound Generations Plans to Shrink Carbon Footprint With a New Fleet of Electric Vehicles

One of Sound Generations new electric vehicles.

Sound Generations, a local Seattle non-profit, is planning to go electric in its community outreach. After working with Seattle City Light to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its fleet, Sound Generations is on its way to decrease operational expenses and shrink its carbon footprint.

The Road to Electrification

Sound Generations assists Seattleites with a variety of community outreach programs including Meals on Wheels and shuttle-van service tailored to the needs of older adults in the area. When they began considering electrifying their fleet, an essential challenge was ensuring they minimized downtime to not interrupt services for those who rely on them. And with more than 50 vehicles, this was no small undertaking.

To begin the process, Sound Generations met with City Light’s electric vehicle (EV) experts in early 2022 to explore cost savings and their overall carbon-footprint reduction. Compared to gas-powered vehicles, the savings and reduction were quickly apparent. However, Sound Generations wanted to dig into the numbers to gain a clearer understanding of the savings and positive environmental impact they could expect over time.

Assessing the Benefits of Going Electric

City Light helped Sound Generations conduct a comprehensive assessment of its existing vehicle fleet. The findings detailed comparisons of various electric vehicle models along with a side-by-side analysis of the cost and environmental benefits of EVs compared to the nonprofit’s gas-powered fleet at the time.

The results in favor of switching over to EVs were overwhelming. Over a 27-year period, Sound Generations could expect to save an estimated $1.7 million on fuel and maintenance costs. Moreover, during that same time period, they could anticipate a significant reduction of 6,795 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent impact of planting over 100,000 trees. For Sound Generations, making the switch to EVs made more than enough sense.

With a fleet of electric vehicles, Sound Generations expects:

  • Cleaner air. Zero emissions mean Sound Generations’ vehicles are helping create a healthier and cleaner environment in their community.
  • Improved reliability. More time on the road means more opportunities to serve individuals in need.
  • Lower fuel cost. Less money spent at the pump means more of the organization’s funds can be directed toward improving and expanding their essential community programs.

Sound Generations is just one example of an organization that has gone through the Seattle City Light Fleet Electrification Program, which aims to help guide businesses and organizations on their EV fleet transformation journeys. With one vehicle already purchased and an EV charging station installed on site, Sound Generations is already on its way to realizing these savings and shrinking their carbon footprint.

The Fleet Electrification program, staffed by EV experts, functions to help shed light on the transition process. This includes vehicle recommendations, financial estimates, emission reduction estimates, and industry insights. Financial incentives are also available and can be used to help offset the cost of EV charging equipment.

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