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Keep cool, save energy and stay safe

Seattle weather seems to have skipped right over spring and decided to go into some unseasonably high temperatures over the next five days. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory through Monday night with temperatures reaching the mid ’80s and potentially 90 degrees in some areas. While the… [ Keep reading ]

Energized Environmental Vision Set for Skagit Hydropower Project

Seattle is fortunate in that most of our electricity comes from hydropower — the most reliable renewable energy resource now available. But even hydropower impacts the environment, and Seattle City Light works closely with our partners to develop science-based approaches to protecting the watershed and nearby communities. The license we… [ Keep reading ]

Earth-friendly, energy saving tips from City Light staffers

The world will celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, 2023, but there is no reason we can’t celebrate Earth Day, every day! As we look for ways to help save the planet and be better environmental stewards, saving energy is great place to start. We asked City Light staff… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: John Lee, Electrician Constructor Working Crew Chief – Hydro Operator

BackgroundHometown: I grew up in the Green Lake and Greenwood area of Seattle.​​​​Alma Mater: U.S. NavyDiscipline/Trade of study: Nuclear Power Program, Electrician’s Mate The BasicsYears of service: Seven yearsDivision: Cedar Falls and Tolt GenerationRole: I supervise the Cedar Falls and South Fork Tolt crew in operations and maintenance of the generation, distribution,… Filed Under: Get to Know City Light, PowerlinesTagged With:

Seattle City Light Announces Curbside EV Charging Sites for Pilot Program

The much anticipated announcement of the 31 selected locations for Seattle City Light’s Curbside Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging pilot is finally here! After receiving more than 1,800 requests from eager Seattle area community members and EV enthusiasts last summer, we had our work cut out for us. Luckily, we… [ Keep reading ]

Renewable Energy – The Key to Powering the Future

With increasing concern over climate change and energy consumption expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2050, much emphasis is being placed on renewable energy over fossil fuels. Innovation is driving down renewable technology costs while prices for fossil fuels are going up as they become more scarce. With the… [ Keep reading ]

Heat Pump Basics

Chances are you’ve heard heat pumps mentioned quite a bit lately but it’s more than just a buzz word. These energy efficient, electric wonders are gaining in popularity in the United States due to new incentives via the Inflation Reduction Act and growing concern over the climate crisis. So what… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities Awarded $18 Million to Customers in Need

Seattle, WA—Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities announced today that they awarded more than $18 million dollars to customers in 2022. These funds were distributed to eligible residential customers enrolled in the utilities’ bill assistance programs and/or payment plans and applied directly to customers’ billing accounts. The Washington State… [ Keep reading ]

2022 Year in Review

2022: A Year in Review After a few tumultuous years, 2022 felt like a step in the right direction and there was certainly plenty to celebrate. As we look ahead to an even brighter 2023, here is a sampling of the milestones, achievements, and accolades Seattle City Light marked in… [ Keep reading ]

Energy Saving Holiday Gift Guide

Now is a great time to give the gift of energy savings to friends and loved ones as energy consumption peaks during the winter months in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle City Light compiled a quick list of ideas to inspire you as your embark on some last minute shopping! Smart… [ Keep reading ]