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Warm a Neighbor’s Heart, Home with Project Share Contribution

The Project Share customer-supported emergency assistance fund at Seattle City Light can be the difference that keeps homes warm and the lights on for people struggling through financial crisis. You can help.

People struggling with financial crisis are often forced to make difficult decisions while the bills pile up.

At Seattle City Light, the Project Share customer-supported emergency assistance fund can be the difference that keeps their homes warm and the lights on.

Over the past year, Project Share distributed nearly $225,000 and helped 911 customers with one-time assistance to pay their utility bills. These one-time emergency assistance grants can make a huge difference in the lives of the recipients.

Here’s what one of our recipients, Amnah, had to say about the program:

“Project Share has helped my household so much by contributing to our electricity bill this winter. I am a single mother and a recent graduate of nursing school. I am fresh into my career and am now transitioning off of social services and into being financially self-sufficient, which feels great, but has been a little rough especially during the winter when the use of heating becomes so expensive. I am very thankful to Project Share and all they have done to help support my family.”

There are hundreds of other people in our community facing similar challenges. If you would like to help them with a donation to Project Share, visit .

If you know of anyone who needs assistance with their bill, City Light offers a number of programs that can help. For more information, please visit