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[#FlashbackFriday] 1969 City Light Holiday Mailer

1969 City Light Holiday Mailer

Talk about a blast from the past! A member of City Light’s Power Marketing team recently found this holiday mailer from 1969 in a stack of documents. The manila cover and carbon paper interior include scrumptious recipes like Brisk Cherry Salad and Quick Lemonade Bread (and yes, one of the ingredients is frozen lemonade concentrate) along with beautifully designed kitchen appliances and holiday-themed characters. The back cover encouraged the reader to consider adding a “major electric appliance” to their holiday wishlist. This (at the time) annual piece was developed for City Light’s Home Economics Division and included the venerable Mary Norris’ signature of approval (read about Mary’s lasting legacy at City Light here!).

Check out our Flickr album above and tell us which recipe you’re want to make for your next holiday gathering!