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Influential Women In City Light History

March is Women’s History Month. City Light’s past includes groundbreaking women who made notable impacts on the utility sector, skilled trades, and the course of our utility. To celebrate their work, read about some influential City Light women from days gone by. Alice Ross If J.D. Ross was the “Father of… [ Keep reading ]

Four pivotal periods in City Light’s century-plus history of public power

Established in 1910, City Light’s public power is integral to Seattle’s civic history.

Haunted Concrete: Exploring the Community’s Creepy Past

Near City Light’s Skagit Hydroelectric Project stands Concrete, Wash., population: 729. Its earliest settlers can be traced back to the 1890s, and through an influx of industries (including, of course, a cement production), Concrete was set to be the metropolis of Skagit County. Over time, jobs came and went; the lumber industry tapered off, mining dissolved and the cement plant closed. But the one thing that never left were the people – dead or alive.

Powering the Battery Street Tunnel Meters

It’s hard to forget driving past the view of Puget Sound on the viaduct and coasting through the Battery Street Tunnel on our daily commutes, trips to Green Lake, or any of the many destinations in and out of the city. What you may not have seen were the nine meters that lined the Battery Street Tunnel and more so, the meter readers that were tasked with checking those meters in the narrow tunnel.

[#FlashbackFriday] 1969 City Light Holiday Mailer

Talk about a blast from the past! A member of City Light’s Power Marketing team recently found this holiday mailer from 1969 in a stack of documents. The manila cover and carbon paper interior include scrumptious recipes like Brisk Cherry Salad and Quick Lemonade Bread (and yes, one of the ingredients… [ Keep reading ]

Five Things That Made Seattle’s Public Power Possible

Get to know the innovation that made public power possible in Seattle.

Seattle City Light Celebrates Public Power Week

Starting Oct. 2 to Oct. 8, Seattle City Light will be joining more than 2,000 public utilities as it celebrates Public Power Week, hosted by the American Public Power Association. Throughout the week, you will meet some of City Light’s hard-working staff, learn more about the utility’s history and find out more about what public power means to you.

Blast From the Past: 1944 Seattle City Light Customer Bulletin

A little piece of history turned up at Seattle City Light recently. A local woman mailed City Light a copy of its May-June 1944 customer bulletin last week. The bulletin – Official Bulletin 52, to be exact – was hidden among family mementos in the home of her aunt who… [ Keep reading ]