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Seattle City (spot)Light: Michael Jang

Michael Jang has been with City Light since 1996. “I completed City Light’s lineworker apprenticeship program and, after two years as a lineworker, I transitioned to the System Operations Center,” Michael explained. “I became a power dispatcher and then a senior power dispatcher before taking on the chief dispatcher duties two years ago.”

Michael came to Washington when he was three years old. “My family emigrated from South Korea,” he shared. He lives in the Renton area where he enjoys the shorter commute to Seattle and the range of activities in the city.

In this weeks (spot)Light, Michael shares about his position at City Light, his passion for basketball, and what he likes most about the utility.

Michael with his wife NaTalie

“My position is the Chief Dispatcher of Generation & Transmission at the System Operations Center. The Senior Power Dispatchers who report to me are tasked with monitoring and controlling the production and delivery of electricity to City Light’s customers. Electricity is generated, then transmitted over the power lines, and finally distributed to the end user, which is everyone in our service territory. There are numerous rules, regulations, policies and procedures at the federal, state, local and internal level that must be followed for the reliable delivery of power. My main role is to ensure that our team has the necessary tools and skills to efficiently fulfill their objectives.”

“Playing basketball is one of my favorite activities, though it’s getting more difficult with each passing year. As the weather gets colder and my knees get older, basketball has become more painful! I decided to pick up yoga so I can continue to play. I also enjoy construction work. I usually stay busy with construction/remodel house projects and helping friends and family with their projects. Things like framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.”

“One of the biggest enjoyments for me at City Light has been the friendships created. Through the years as a lineman, power dispatcher, senior power dispatcher and now as the chief dispatcher, I have met so many amazing people. Countless people have molded me into the person that I have become and continue to shape my beliefs and aspirations. I do not know how to show my gratitude to everyone who has impacted my life here at City Light except to be the best version of myself in the role that I am playing.”