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Seattle City (spot)Light: Ned Lichty

Ned Lichty has been at City Light for three years. He’s part of the Contracts and Procurement team as a Sr. Contracts and Procurement Specialist. “My job is to procure products and professional consulting services for the divisions and project managers I support,” Ned explained. “I provide guidance and training in the consultant selection process and ensure my customers remain compliant with City rules and policies.”

Ned’s father served in the military and so his family moved frequently before settling in the Evergreen State. “We lived in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado and Livorno, Italy,” Ned shared. “When I was ten, we made our final move to Washington state and I’ve lived here since. I love its natural beauty and diversity.” He lives in Edgewood with his spouse Frank and their daughter Allison where they embrace the country-vibe.

In this week’s (spot)Light, Ned talks about his family, hobbies and what he enjoys about City Light.

L-R: Ned, Allison and Frank

“Allison is attending UW and we couldn’t be prouder. She’s on the Dean’s List and has received several scholarships. We were Allison’s foster parents and decided we didn’t want to live without her, so we made it permanent and adopted her in 2014. Prior to Allison, Frank and I were foster parents to his two nephews. I learned that raising boys is much more challenging than girls! She definitely is a gift from God, as we’ve grown and learned so much from her.”

“I love camping and exploring new destinations in Washington. I plan to visit Newhalem this summer and check out our dams. I also love traveling to new destinations and have a passion for learning about ancient history, civilizations and religions, mysteries of the unexplained and exploring fringe topics. I’m an avid animal lover and have two Boston Terriers, a yellow-nape Amazon parrot that I’ve owned for 28 years and a chicken-coop! I also love bird watching so I have bird feeders to draw them to my deck. Skiing is another hobby of mine.”

“I was attracted to City Light because of its emphasis on creating a positive work culture and its focus on diversity and service to the community. I really love that my job is downtown which lets me experience the City’s energy. Another bonus is working in the Seattle Municipal Tower, which has some pretty fantastic views…not to mention the convenience of having a Starbucks in the building! It has a stream of people throughout the day, making it feel like the social hotspot.”

“I enjoy my job because I interact with different departments and people who work on a variety of projects and commodities. One would think writing contracts would be boring and monotonous, however, that’s not the case due to the type of projects and scopes of work that comes my way. Projects range from Dam Safety Compliance, Boundary Licensing projects, Fish & Wildlife Research, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Management Services, Construction Management, Environmental projects, Generator repair and maintenance, LIDAR detection, Energy Conservation…the list goes on. The best part of my job is working with an amazing team that has so many positive traits that I could go on and on, but to keep it brief I’ll sum it up in one word: Fabulousness!”