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Does your yard need a spring cleaning? We have tips to keep you safe.

Person practicing unsafe pruning techniques

It’s hard to believe that spring is here again! Our Vegetation Management team has a few tips to keep you safe before you put your green thumb to good use in your yard.

When working with trees, shrubs, hedges and vines, be sure to look up, look around and be safe! Anything electrically conductive can become energized if it contacts or comes too close to energized lines. Remember, tree branches and stems, metal or wood tools and even the human body are highly conductive. Keep yourself and your tools at least 10 feet from any overhead wires, and don’t work on or in vegetation if any part is within 10 feet of overhead lines. If you ever have questions about vegetation and electrical safety, contact our arborists for free, professional advice.

Finally, remember to dial before you dig! Dial 8-1-1 on your phone to have a crew locate your underground utilities. You can learn more at

If you have questions, please contact City Light’s Vegetation Management team by email at or call (206) 386-1733. There’s also more information on our website: